Friday, February 27, 2009

The Contradiction

The way Gloria Watson (bell hooks is Gloria Watson’s pen name and I refuse to refer to her in as bell hooks; capitalize the letters, it’s grammar, not oppression) perceives the world is a way that I hope that I never see. She sees every action as a part of the problem. I would hate to be the one who has to break it to her that the world that she believes is so racist, she actively participates in. She works for an upstanding university in Kentucky, but the thing is that she probably buys wares and services from companies that have oppressed some social, ethnic, economic class in history.

It seems that she only cares about the color black. Now call me a racist if you think I am, but only one color matters to me: green. Money makes the world go round. She advocates a total removal of the current system, but I KNOW that the current system is the best way to do things, because millions of people would be killed and harmed in the transition. Anarchy leads to Despotism.


  1. I agree with you Austin that Watson does just seem to care about color and wanting blacks to perhaps have total control. You make a good point that she used services and such from oppressive companies in some fashion, I hadn't thought about that before. See does seem to see every action as part of the problem. I don't, it all depends on the individuals attitude first.

  2. Ha ha ha ha, "It’s grammar, not oppression." You're funny man. When I read from this book, I seem to get confused at why she is writing, or what she wants. Total control? Perhaps. Colors extinguished from the world? Maybe. The complete stop of placing black muffins next to white muffins? Could be. I guess "oppression" can be drawn out of almost everything.

  3. Thats awesome, I understand what your talking about...What erks me just a tad is the fact, she is only into just the color black...I agree...add some color to this...she is only inspiring to divide race, not have it coexist...She's proud to be an African American,yes....but pride can turn to arrogance