Friday, February 6, 2009

Condemning Fundamental Evil

Ok, am I the only one who had a hard time with class on Monday Friday? When Erin was talking about how we should try to understand and rationalize with the people who think that it is a good idea to cut men’s penises off, I just felt like she was rationalizing fundamentalism and, by proxy, terrorism. Am I the only person who still thinks that violence is NEVER justified until all other options are exhausted? I really don’t think that rationalizing with someone who wants to cut my dick off is going to change their minds, or mine for that matter. They hate who I am at a level that I can’t change. No matter what I do, they will still hate me. That’s discrimination and sexism. Isn’t that what they are fighting? My definition of a hero is someone who fights evil without succumbing to it. And while they are fighting for women’s rights, they started doing the same things as those they hated. They started thinking the same way as those who were trying to oppress them.

The women of the Society for Cutting Up Men (SCUM) are trying to motivate change by making men afraid of them. They hope that policies and opinions will be changed by men because of the threat of losing a part of their bodies. I will never allow myself to believe that the means justify the end (which is what terrorism is fundamentally about).

If that is the kind of person that Susan Douglas is, then I am going to just stop reading this book. I have a real problem with the justification of violence. I don’t know if Douglas is this overly radical, but it was insinuated in class. I think that Douglas is just an angry idealist, but that is where the process of fundamentalism starts.

Ingrid Newkirk, the founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, began her organization with great intentions, but when radical idealist got wind of her ideology, other groups with less virtuous members started their own political action groups. Such groups are the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). This group firebombs animal testing faculties. They go into classrooms and teach kids how to make incendiary bombs. Their most notable public figure is former member Rodney Coronado, who was convicted of arson when he burned an animal testing facility at the University of Michigan to the ground. Douglas should, in her book, condone this type of activism. She should also be wary of people who don’t have such a moderate view who get a hold of her book. They could be motivated by her words (as confusing as they are) and commit an act of terrible violence towards men.

I’m not saying that Douglas’ book should be banned. What I am saying is that she should take proactive measures to keep her distance from violent feminists. Everyone has every right to say whatever they want, and let the free market place of ideas run its course and determine what is correct. But if she is not careful, she will be seen as a radical feminist who sees the road of change lined with blood.

Hating someone for a belief is a terrible thing to do. I mean, I don’t really like people who are overly religious, but you don’t see me trying to hurt them or burn down churches, mosques, and temples. And I don’t hate them; I hate the idea that they believe in, not them. Hate should be specific (if at all). Hate someone for something that they do, like “I hate Jim because he abuses kittens.”

This radical feminist ideology is something that I will never allow myself to rationalize, or sympathize with. The end never, ever justifies the means!


  1. Well said Señor... Well said. Hate should be specific (if at all). Hate someone for something that they do, like “I hate Jim because he abuses kittens.” Thanks for not hating us and burning stuff down. You're the man, and always remember; Savai Loves You! Savai or Die.

  2. Well said Austin! I don't think violence should ever be justified. No matter how offended we may get. Who cares, we need to be the better person, and get over things that piss us off. I'm not saying we can't defend ourselves if something occurs, but people need to get over violence.

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  4. I totally agree. Equal rights for women is a great thing, and to me, a no-brainer. But attacking men in order to "level the playing field" is totally out of line. Even empathizing with organizations like SCUM is outrageous to me. People who resort to violent behavior like that are too lazy or stupid (or both) to get their ideas across using more effective methods. It's just like Islam. People forget that Islam at its core is such a passive religion because there are Muslim extremists out there who feel that they have to terrorize the world in order to establish a unified Muslim state.
    I will never empathize with extremists of any race, gender or religion, no matter their plight, if they simply just look to wipe out those that oppose them.

  5. I removed my first comment because there was a typo. But I made essentially the same comment.