Friday, March 20, 2009


With all of the talking about conglomeration within media, I just keep thinking about anti-trust laws. Anti-trust laws prohibit groups from forming large scale monopolies. In 2001 Microsoft was accused of violating anti-trust laws when they started packaging the product “internet explorer” with the Microsoft office bundle for free.

Anti-trust laws are meant to protect consumers from price fixing and price gouging. But with media, the protection is different. Anti-trust laws that are written for media protect consumers from self mitigated censorship. When one message is the only one that is heard, then it is the only one believed, is the idea behind pushing all media ownership.


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  1. That is totally scary! thank goodness we have anti-trust laws for the media.... NOT. Sometimes i wonder why we even have laws on this stuff at all because i cant imagine it being any worse. Okay, well i can, but still. It feels like they arn't keeping me from anything, and that it is a free for all with advertisers. The frightning thing is that they in fact are keeping me from things.... I take it back, it could be sooo much worse.